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C&M Marine responsibilities
Extra Charges
Schedule and perform PUMPOUT Marina charge for Pumpout
Top up Fuel Tank/add conditioner Marina charge for Diesel 
   main -secured in mast  
   jib   -removed, folded stored on vessel  
Running Rigging secure  
Remove and store railmount items  
Stanchions-Life lines removed if necessary  
Cockpit canvas removed and stored in vessel  
Canvas frame secured or stored on vessel  
Boat hauled/bottom power washed Marina charge direct
               -oil change/filters/belts etc BMS charge direct
               -engine etc BMS charge direct
               -water systems BMS charge direct
               -bilges/pumps BMS charge direct
Batteries turned off  
Standing Rigging loosened  
  back stay  -   
  lower shroud   
  upper shroud   
Radar pole de-install  
Close Thruhulls  
Exhaust -plug  
Hull/deck wash Extra charge   
Interior wipe down Extra charge  
Bleach in glasses (2) head and galley  
Bounce sheets around  
Install winter frame and cover Extra Charge  
Hatches secure -open